Startup Gym

Startup Gym

Startup Gym is a show about the hard work, coaches, and community that go in to building a company. Our startup gym is Science Inc., an incubator and venture studio in Los Angeles, CA. On any given day, people meet, challenge each other, and work on making their dreams a reality. Join us as we capture some of those conversations.

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    005: Jesse Genet, Lumi - Know your audience

    Jesse Genet is co-founder and CEO of Lumi, a packaging partner for modern brands. Lumi uses data to help companies simplify their process and sell their product. This episode was fun for a couple of reasons: first, because Jesse is awesome! Second, because this is our first time oustide of our building. While Lumi isn't a part of Science, we consider them friends and part of the greater LA-tech family. You can expect more offsite interviews like this one!

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    003: Tiffany Hakimianpour, Handstand - When becoming a founder happens naturally

    Tiffany Hakimianpour is Handstand's Founder and CEO. She's a leader with a passion for strategy, technology, execution, people, wellness and everything optimal. Handstand's vision is to be the world leader in revolutionizing the state of human health, healing, and happiness in each unique individual today, and for the generations to come.

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